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Family Planning & Pregnancy Issues

What is DrCHAT?

DrCHAT is a virtual doctor designed by physicians and medical experts. It provides answers and advice about women's health following industry standard guidelines. It is available for patients, professionals, and organizations.


DrCHAT is free and available 24/7. You can talk anonymously to get answers in privacy, and have a 2nd opinion about your medical case.


Curbside Consult: DrCHAT-Pro version designed to provide quick guidance to clinical flow charts and treatment methods to provide consistent care.


DrCHAT-Pro connects the entire healthcare eco system with benefits to insurance and pharma industries. It lowers malpractice in hospitals and adds value to enterprise HR services.

Social Responsibility

Free availability of online consulation helps troubled, underprivileged women of any age, anywhere, anytime.

Helping Individuals

There are a number of benefits DrCHAT offers to individuals in women's health. It covers more than 30 topics such as emergency contraception, sexual health, pregnancy, fertility, and other OB/GYN issues.

  • Interact with DrCHAT as if you would have a conversation with your doctor.
  • Educate yourself by getting answers before visiting the doctor's office.
  • Have a 2nd opinion by discussing your problem with DrCHAT.
  • Access to medical advice 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
  • Anonymous talk assures complete privacy.
  • Free of charge without any hidden fees or downloads.

  • Assisting Professionals

    Curbside Consult: On mobile devices or desktops, DrCHAT-Pro provides quick guidance to flow charts including clinical symptom assessment, treatment, prognosis, and testing advice. Designed by physicians and medical experts, DrCHAT-Pro follows ACOG guidelines and offer unique perspective along with the latest research material.

    Enhancing Organizations

    We help organizations benefit from DrCHAT technology, products, and services in a number of ways.

    Insurance companies can benefit from DrCHAT because patients become better informed and more self-caring. Using DrCHAT-Pro, healthcare professionals become less prone to mistakes. Furthermore, DrCHAT technology can help the process of pre-approving certain operations and treatments.

    Pharmaceuticals can benefit from DrCHAT-Pro by presenting doctors their newly emerging drugs, clinical trials, and research materials.

    Hospitals & Clinics can promote the use of DrCHAT-Pro to improve efficiency and reduce malpractice incidents.

    Enterprises can offer DrCHAT to their women employees as part of their HR services. This would help improve employee morale, reduce healthcare costs and insurance premiums.

    Our Team

    How Does it Work?

    DrCHAT is a virtual doctor (chatbot) for women's health developed by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. DrCHAT can converse with people using its embedded knowledge curated by human experts in medicine. The system can understand human responses during chat and guide the conversation towards solutions and advice.

    There are two versions of DrCHAT, one for the patients (which they can chat instantly), and the Pro version designed for professionals (requires subscription.) All the knowledge embedded in the system follows the medical standards (ACOG for women's health), but the advices and language differ between these two versions.

    DrCHAT is owned and operated by exClone, Inc., a chatbot technology provider, with patents (pending) for its technology and medical expertise.


    We’ve had a lot of family planning issues over the years. DrCHAT’s coaching on emergency contraception gave us the most valuable insight and piece of mind.

    Debby Wilson

    Mother of two

    I consulted with DrCHAT because of my shyness and social anxiety. My chat sessions were useful as I could talk about things that I couldn’t discuss with family, friends or almost anyone.

    Li Stevens

    Freelance designer

    At first, I was a little hesitant to chat with a virtual doctor because it was all new to me, but intelligence and compassion of your system made me trust DrCHAT.

    Amy Guerrero